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DESIGNA Australia has installed over 400 parking solutions throughout Australia and will provide you with a genuinely valuable car parking investment supported by an experienced, qualified and passionate team. As the leading supplier and service provider to the car park industry in Australia, and sole supplier of DESIGNA manufactured systems, our team are passionate about parking and we are confident our quality solutions will meet your parking needs.

DESIGNA Australia will supply and install your parking system, configuring it to your specific requirements. With advice, car park management solutions, support and maintenance services available, coupled with hands-on training for your staff; DESIGNA Australia works with you to ensure you get the most out of your parking system. (more…)


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Off Street Parking

DESIGNA Australia is a subsidiary of an equipment supplier. As such we are guaranteed close support from the factory. We provide quality car parking systems that will see you well into the future. We supply, install, maintain, support, monitor and manage systems. Our quality and value for money car parking systems can be installed in open-air lots, multi-storey car parks, underground, undercroft or in basements.

Other products to complement an off-street car park include lighting, space protection devices, bollards, wheel stops, column protection devices, traffic calming devices, signage and parking guidance solutions.

With many new innovations recently available on the market, such as licence plate recognition (LPR), electronic permits etc, DESIGNA Australia will work with you to ensure you get the best parking solution.

ABACUS Blue Edition

Aside from its intrinsic benefits, the new DESIGNA Blue Edition family not only provides you with the assurance its technology comes from an international market leader in parking management but applies simple and intelligent automation of operations ensuring greater scope.


Are you looking for a professional and economical parking solution especially designed to meet the requirements of more compact car parks? Then you have just hit the mark! SLIMPARK offers high functionality, elegantly designed equipment and ease of use all in one, while still providing you with all of DESIGNA’s technical expertise.

Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)

Our fully integrated license plate recognition system (LPR) is a particularly successful example of how the different DESIGNA products complement modern parking management in one efficient tool. Upon entry and exit, the card holder is identified by license plate recognition and unequivocally matched to his or her ticket. All this is done completely automatically and with the greatest possible reliability.


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DESIGNA Australia provide a comprehensive range of services to our clients to ensure they are able to provide the best car parking experience possible to their customers. From ongoing support and maintenance, to staff training programs, to 24/7 remote car park management services, our team are on-hand to ensure your car park system operates optimally year-round.

News & Projects

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Our History

DESIGNA Australia

DESIGNA (formerly DESIGNA Sabar and Sabar Technologies) has operated in Australia for over 30 years and is the leading supplier of car park management and control system in this country. We operate Australia-wide with offices in Adelaide and Sydney.

In 2012, DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH of Germany acquired a 75 per cent stake in Sabar Technologies. The remaining 25 per cent was acquired in March 2017, making DESIGNA Australia a wholly owned subsidiary. This means our customers benefit from world-leading resources and support, backed by a leading international manufacture with a presence in 60 countries and over 300 employees.


DESIGNA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sophisticated software-controlled car park management systems with well over 6,000 of their systems installed worldwide today – from the simple hotel garage to large complex projects in which thousands of parking spaces are administered or networked across a city. Their group’s headquarters are in Kiel.

Today DESIGNA’s products are known from Dubai to Singapore and from Warsaw to Cape Town for being state of the art in terms of reliability, efficiency and user friendliness.

It has 9 subsidiaries worldwide (France, Italy, the UK, Austria, Hungary, the USA, Australia, the Czech Republic and Germany) with 350 employees and an annual turnover of approximately 60 million Euro.

Management Trust Holding

DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH a Company located in Kiel, Germany since 1951 belongs to the Management Trust Holding, AG, Vienna – Austria.


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Head Office
98 Churchill Rd
08 8244 7455
Service & Support
1800 819 560
98 Churchill Rd



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Contact: Thank You

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Products: Abacus Blue Edition

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A very special first: the introduction of three new pay stations

The fact that technical specifications and superior design go hand in hand is demonstrated by our new BlueEdition family pay stations – Pay Cash & Card, Pay Cashless and Pay Coinless. The completion of the current design generation also constitutes an upgrade of the existing design. Instead of simply having one fully equipped pay station which always involves the operating company having to make compromises if it wishes only to accept coinless payments, for example, DESIGNA is now offering three pre-defined pay stations with separate performance profiles.

All three new pay stations are designed for processing tickets and cards with magnetic strip and barcode technology. An intuitively designed user interface ensures a smooth payment process for car park customers, and a wide range of impressive services are already integrated, depending on which equipment version is selected.

The In & Out terminals – efficiency lies in calmness

The In & Out entrance/exit control terminals have by far the lowest power consumption in their class. They are based on the tried-and-tested DESIGNA operating system with all of the state-of-the art networking technologies, including the forward-looking energy management system. The device status is in sleep mode while no vehicle activity is registered, and is only activated when a vehicle approaches the terminal, which effectively reduces the power consumption. The aluminium housing is kitted out with state-of-the-art processor technology and also takes up very little space.


Unlimited performance: What PM ABACUS really has to offer

With the PM ABACUS technology, DESIGNA provides the perfect platform for large-scale regionally and internationally networked projects. The individual parking lots are linked to their respective national and international headquarters per Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is where all of the threads come together: voice and video information, reports and statistics, external alarms and signals. Thanks to the universal, open interface infrastructure of the PM ABACUS network, it can serve as a base medium for services that are both internal and external to the system. In this way, synergies and savings can be exploited to the full.

For example, outside of regular business hours all monitoring and service functions for all connected parking garages can be taken over by the international headquarters without customers noticing any difference: when they press the call button at the entry terminal they will be welcomed by a service employee in their own language.

The database concept

Every transaction that occurs during the parking process is assigned to the respective ticket in the central SQL database and made available for the reporting system. Extensive evaluations are generated at the touch of a button and made available immediately all over the world via the WebReport Internet application. From here, it is only a short step to your company database, because the automated data import into SAP or other corporate software is seamless.
The transaction data collected over a longer period of time enables the visualisation of the typical “ticket process”, from entry to the car park right through to departure – ideal for marketing purposes.

Central tariff administration

With PM ABACUS, you also have the tariff structure completely under control – individually configured for your various locations and user groups. Season parkers receive individual terms and conditions and accrued charges are invoiced automatically at agreed intervals. Car park management could hardly be any more convenient and customer friendly.


Communicates and controls

Thanks to consistent Ethernet communication, PM ABACUS provides the perfect infrastructure for a maximum of transparency and control right through to the terminal units. The DESIGNA-developed software uses this infrastructure in an ideal manner.

No matter whether it’s operating, reporting or device controlling, perfected applications are available based on international standards to guarantee the reliable, efficient and interface-compatible operation of your system or car park network, even in the long term.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

The Secure Future

Our fully integrated license plate recognition system (LPR) is a particularly successful example of how the different DESIGNA products complement modern parking management systems in one efficient tool.

Upon entry and exit, the card holder is identified by license plate recognition and unequivocally matched to his or her ticket. All this is done completely automatically and with the greatest possible reliability. As well as the additional operating data covering car park occupancy, the duration of stay and origin of the vehicles, you and your customers will benefit above all from security and service.

One of the highlights: In conjunction with license plate recognition, season parkers are able to enjoy VIP services. Once they are stored in the VIP list, customers are able to enter and leave without a ticket. Which means, they no longer need to worry about finding their ticket or having enough small change, and no delays on arrival or departure.

For every user additional individual details or conditions can be entered into the database, such as the times when they are allowed to park or agreed payment terms. And the security aspect is not to be sneezed at: since their ticket information is linked to the license plate, parkers can only enter and leave with the same vehicle.

Incidentally, using the fast exit option, even customers who are not entered on the list can benefit from ticketless departure. Once they have been recorded at the entrance, the system opens the barriers automatically at the exit – after the ticket has been paid for. LPR thus offers advantages on every level – for operators and customers alike – when it comes to security and service aspects.

Even the most basic standard version of LPR offers useful functions such as:

Easy Expandability

Additional functions such as theft protection and fraud recognition, VIP list, greylist, driver camera and overview camera increase the usability of LPR and support the operator in running the parking facility more professionally and with little extra work, thanks to the innovative technology.





DESIGNA Australia also supplies, installs, maintains and provides support for Slimpark car park systems.

Products: SlimPark

SEO Friendly Title: SLIMPARK

Compact System Solution

Are you looking for a professional and economical parking solution especially designed to meet the requirements of more compact car parks? Then you have just hit the mark! The SLIMPARK offers high functionality, elegantly designed equipment and ease of use all in one, while still providing you with all of DESIGNA’s technical expertise.

Simple and Efficient

Ready to start: SLIMPARK is extremely easy to use and requires minimal installation effort.

Sometimes, less is more: the SLIMPARK system is limited to a low number of movable components. The advantage of this is that the costs of maintenance and replacement parts are considerably reduced. Overall you benefit from a lean system that provides high levels of quality and functionality from world-leading car park system and ticket machine suppliers.

High Technological Standards

SLIMPARK uses proven bar code technology. This technology is ideally suited to smaller car parks and is extremely reliable in processing both short-term parking tickets and season tickets.





Pay Station

Pay (Automatic Car Park Pay Station)

Cash (Point of Sale)


Robust functionality: with the Microsoft operating system and SQL database, as well as the Linux operating system in the terminal equipment, SLIMPARK is based on tried and tested industrial standard equipment.

The use of Ethernet technology throughout provides for and ensures that the individual components remain online continuously, offering a consistently high quality parking management system in real time.

CONTROL (System Administration)

DISCO (Discount System)


Services: Remote Management Services

SEO Friendly Title: Remote Management Services

Remote car park management & monitoring systems

The DESIGNA Control Centre sets new standards in car park management and monitoring. Our dedicated team delivers an exceptional level of service to your customers, resulting in a seamless experience within your car park. The team are highly trained and proficient in providing the following services;

The Control Centre provides remote management services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Intercom Calls

Utilising the Commend VirtuoSIS intercom solution we connect the Control Centre to your site via our virtualised server hosted by Bulletproof. Bulletproof is a reputable Sydney based cloud computing company which provides hosted solutions to a variety of different companies. The Commend VirtuoSIS solution provides crystal clear digital communication from your customer-facing car park terminals to our Control Centre via high-speed data links.

Fault & Management Reporting

Proactive monitoring of your car park results in faults being reported as they happen, in most instances before affecting customers. Faults are logged immediately and assigned to a DESIGNA technician for resolution. For locations that have on-site operational support, the Control Centre operator will advise your on-site representative. Daily reports, detailing all intercom calls, events and recorded faults, are emailed to your site manager.

DESIGNA Australia also provides comprehensive car park maintenance and support year-round.

Services: Support & Maintenance

SEO Friendly Title: Car Park System Support & Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

As a local subsidiary of a world-leading supplier of car park management systems, DESIGNA Australia is able to offer a strong national presence to implement best-in-class equipment manufactured with precision German engineering. In line with this, the team provides a range of support and maintenance packages suited to your car park management system.

Our technical team are experienced, qualified and trained in all aspects of our customers equipment. The team are able to proactively assist customers, provide training and effectively rectify issues quickly.

Comprehensive Support

The Comprehensive Maintenance agreement includes all the benefits of the Preventative Maintenance agreement plus the assurance of a fixed annual fee to cover all technical servicing and software upgrade costs.  The table below illustrates the benefits of each agreement.

Agreement type Technical Support Software Support Software Upgrades On-site Support Labour & Parts
Preventative  Yes  Yes  No  No Labour only
Comprehensive  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Labour & Parts

The benefits of regular Preventative Maintenance are;

The benefits of Comprehensive Maintenance include;

Our Control Centre is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The team works closely with our technicians to ensure jobs are accurately recorded and completed on-time while also ensuring our customers are kept informed.

Services: Training

SEO Friendly Title: DESIGNA eCademy

DESIGNA’s clear advantage over competitors is through e-Cademy, a sophisticated online training tool with individual training logins. The e-Cademy is particularly useful for training new staff and can be included as part of the standard induction process.

DESIGNA’s online learning platform,  DESIGNA eCademy is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

About: Company Values

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About: Our Customers

SEO Friendly Title: Our Customers

DESIGNA Australia supports many car parking solutions throughout Australia. From installation, support and maintenance through to providing full turn-key solutions. Airports (international and domestic), hospitals, universities, hotels and shopping centre are some of the customer groups enjoying our equipment and services.

We are proud many customers choose to return to DESIGNA Australia when it becomes time to upgrade an older system. It is difficult to think of a better endorsement/reference than a return happy customer.

A selection of our written testimonials can be viewed upon request, however should you wish to discuss our equipment and the services with our existing customers, please email us.

Client locations

Car parking solutions customers map

About: Partnerships

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Updates from DESIGNA Worldwide


Newsletter Pictures If Award Pay Cashless

iF-Award for Automatic Pay Station PAY Cashless

And the award goes to… DESIGNA! The DESIGNA PAY Cashless pay-on-foot machine has won one of this year’s renowned IF Design Awards. Learn more about the development process and the creative mind behind the device.

Newsletter Pictures Pre-booking En

Pre-Booking: increased comfort for users and operators

With Pre-Booking, customers can reserve their parking space from the comfort of their own home and pay online. Additional services are also possible. Find out how Pre-Booking can boost your revenue.

Newsletter Pictures Digitalisierung En

Digitalization in parking: an industry in rapid change

For a long period of time, the focus was on hardware. However, the possibilities of digitalization are setting new standards through software features – also in parking management. But how do you actually digitize a parking garage? This interview with two DESIGNA experts shows the challenges and solutions.

For more information please click this link to view DESIGNA’s International Newsletter

COVID-19 Policy Update

The health, safety, and security of our people is of utmost importance and a principle on which we pride ourselves as an organization. Therefore, DESIGNA is taking the following preventative actions to mitigate the impacts associated with the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus in our community.

DESIGNA will continue to notify our clients if there are any serious or ongoing issues. In order for us to be able to carry on providing ongoing services to our clients, there are three key aspects to our business that are crucial to business continuity which include:

  1. Control Centre
  2. Technical and Supply Services
  3. Financial

Unless we notify you of any service impacts please understand that we are operating under service as usual conditions.

Continuity Plan (CP) Review

Sheldon James (Managing Director) and Chris Hill (Operations Director) as the ‘Crisis Task Team’ will be monitoring the Continuity Plan and will review it daily as information from the Government and Health authorities change.

This review will also include our individual staff and any specific client requirements/circumstances where applicable.

Our Control Centre

As of Monday the 16th of March, we have arranged for all employee roles in the Control Centre including Management to work from home.

The primary objective of this is to ensure our Control Centre operations can continue without the operators not being exposed to the uncertain risks of travelling. This move will see the team members separated from the greater team to work from their own locality with the necessary tools in place. The approach will minimise the risk of infections in conjunction along with national measures and hygiene guidelines being adhered to.

In the event of Control Centre staff either contracting the virus or being forced into a home ‘lock-down’, we will be better placed to continue to provide a high level of service.

Naturally, this does add risk when considering the reliance on home internet services as well as domestic environments. However, with adequate operators on-line supported by further fall-back members of staff, we believe suitable redundancy is in place to protect the service provision.

Additional surety resides in our ability to force all incoming calls to a pop-up team of skilled operatives in Cairns, should it be necessary. This can be activated at short notice and staff have been prepared. Be assured as the status of this virus changes daily around the world, we are keeping on top of all developments to ensure that our service provision can continue.

Technical and Supply Services Team

DESIGNA has its own employed team of technical experts as well as registered contractors across the country in multiple locations. We are monitoring Covid-19 infection rates by city and taking steps to review the next moves for our employees based across the country. At this stage, all staff have been asked to carry out existing duties from a home base.

It is our intention in the first instance to offer remote support to clients through their site staff to a thorough level. Beyond this, should the solution require on-site attention from a trained technician, we will currently continue to offer this service. However, in order to best protect our service staff, this attendance will be provided under a ‘No to minimal personal interaction’ basis with either, client staff members or the public. We are confident with our very broad service network we will be able to meet all demand for services.

However, given the ever-changing circumstance, some services over time may change to be just secure video or phone consultation only.

Accounts team (Finance Services)

DESIGNA’s internal financial staff have been provided with the resources to work from home. As these roles rarely involve physical customer or on-site product interaction, they will be able to carry out all duties fully without delay.

Your and our Employees Safety

As mentioned, at each of our client sites we will still be offering the possibility of technical attendance where all other options of resolution have been exhausted.

Our Employees with Symptoms

Any DESIGNA employee with COVID-19 symptoms have been told they must be isolated at home and are required to gain medical clearance or remain in isolation for 14 days before returning to work. We inform all clients should this situation arise.

IT Supply

DESIGNA has an in-house server for all our records. All servers are backed up daily with contingencies in place.

Telephone System 

Our 1800# and office numbers will continue to be attended 24 hours/7 days a week. However, this answer point can be moved to literally any other location in Australia or across the world. Our phone system is with Telstra and they promise 99.999% service uptime with our service.

We thank you for your continued partnership in this critical time. DESIGNA is fully committed in supporting you and your team during this period of uncertainty.

For more information on the pandemic, visit the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) link:

DESIGNA at The Midnight Hotel

This project installation is for the Iconic Hotel Group in Braddon, Canberra and is DESIGNA Australia’s second install at Northbourne Avenue (Braddon) as the team has installed a system at the Deco Hotel earlier in the year.  DESIGNA is now getting a good footprint within Canberra with systems in Sky Park, University of Canberra Public Hospital, Deco Hotel and the Midnight Hotel.

Cabling was carried out by the Heyday Group who DESIGNA worked with at UCPH. We also partnered with Blitz Security to give the residents access to the car park through their key fobs.

Malcolm Green, Larry King and Ian Graham from DESIGNA Australia all carried out the installation.

If you  would like to learn more on DESIGNA’s Car Park Management Solutions please contact us.

Season’s Greetings! DESIGNA’s 2019 Holiday Schedule

Xmas Email Signature 2019 - Bigger

DESIGNA Australia’s Nomination at the Parking Industry Awards

The Parking Industry Awards are a dedicated event that pay tribute to the exceptional standards of service and innovation, as well as celebrating the achievements of individuals, teams and organisations in parking.

This year’s presentation dinner will take place on 28 November as part of the 2019 Outlook Conference.

DESIGNA Australia is proud to announce that one of our very own, Rebecca Bentley, Sales Director, has been nominated as a finalist for the Parking Young Achiever finalist.

Congratulations, Rebecca and continue to pave the way for the #futureofparking!

Rb 1
Rebecca Bentley, DESIGNA Australia Sales Director

Say Hello to the Future of Parking

There was a time where Parking Systems were unattractive, out of date, and non intelligent.

Do you remember?



Want to learn more on DESIGNA’s Car Park Management Solutions? Contact us.

DESIGNA Australia’s successful exhibition at the National Roads & Traffic Expo

What a successful Roads & Traffic Expo for the DESIGNA Australia team at the Melbourne Convention Centre last 17th-18th September 2019. The Roads & Traffic Expo is one of Australia’s biggest Trade Shows for the entire Roads and Transport Eco System.

The Management team was in full force joined by Eitan Silverman of Abacus Parking New Zealand.  DESIGNA Australia showcased the latest debut of our Car Park Management Systems and Car Park Management Solutions –  the Abacus Blue Edition Barrier Gate and the Abacus Blue Edition Pay Cashless.

Congratulations to our fantastic team! #thefutureofparking

Want to learn more on DESIGNA’s Car Park Control Systems? Contact us.

Nrte Team Photo
DESIGNA Australia’s Team Photo with Eitan Silverman of Abacus Parking New Zealand


DESIGNA Australia welcomes Sheldon James as new General Manager

Sheldon James
Sheldon James

Continue to drive growth strategy forward

Kiel, Adelaide, 08/29/2019:By September 1st DESIGNA has appointed Sheldon James as General Manager of its Australian business and as Cluster Manager for the Australia Pacific region. Sheldon will concentrate on the company`s successful market expansion and growth.

Sheldon James has many years of international experience in sales, marketing, IT and security in the parking industry. Born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, he was founder and managing Director of Intellepark and Security (Pty) Ltd for more than ten years. He successfully merged his company into Servest, where Sheldon was Managing Director of the technology division for the last three and a half years, focusing on the growth of the parking industry in Southern Africa. Sheldon was responsible for the successful implementation of some of the largest global parking systems in the retail industry.

As GM of DESIGNA Australia, Sheldon James will further develop the business with regional sales teams around the country and explicit growth strategies. “Our goal is to strengthen our position in the parking industry and focus on our customer needs in all sectors”, says Sheldon James. “I am honored to have joined DESIGNA, a company I have the utmost respect for and look forward to using my experience gained over the last 20 years in the parking industry to make a difference in these territories, using a “Globally Local” approach. I am passionate about customer service and using technology appropriately to ensure all key stakeholders obtain full benefit right throughout the value chain”, he adds.

Robert Monsberger, Managing Director and Chief Sales Officer of DESIGNA, states: “We are proud to welcome Sheldon James to the DESIGNA team. DESIGNA Australia will benefit from his leadership to thrive our business sustainably and future-orientated.”


DESIGNA Australia is a subsidiary of DESIGNA Germany. The company’s visionary standards have led to the development of Car Park Management Solutions and Remote Car Park Management for more than 65 years.

For more information:

DESIGNA Australia Pty Ltd
Head Office
98 Churchill Road
Prospect 5082
Australia / South Australia

DESIGNA Australia at the National Roads & Traffic Expo

DESIGNA Australia is a proud and solid supporter of the upcoming National Roads & Traffic Expo. Look out for us at booth 432. We will be in full force in the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 17th  to 18th  September.

See you there!

The Latest DESIGNA Innovation

Imagine a Car Park Management Solutions that could inform customers about rates, promotions, occupancy or generate additional revenue. All these by simply displaying third party advertisements.

Want to learn more on DESIGNA’s Car Park Control Systems? Contact us.

Abacus Blue Edition Gate With Screen
Abacus Blue Edition Gate With Screen 2019
Abacus Blue Edition System Overview 2019
Abacus Blue Edition System Overview 2019
Abacus Blue Edition System Overview 2019
Abacus Blue Edition System Overview 2019

DESIGNA’s Partnership with St. John of God Ballarat Hospital

Matthew Lyttle, Facility Manager of St. John of God Ballarat Hospital talks about the partnership with DESIGNA Australia and how this has greatly improved their Car Park Management System.

Click on the video below to watch.

DESIGNA Australia’s Website Launch – A Streamlined and Simplified Design

DESIGNA Australia is proud to announce the launch of our new website. The website boasts a streamlined and simplified design with improved menu functionality that directs you to the information most significant to you. It is also fully responsive with mobile devices which means you can easily navigate through different devices, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and more.

You are also sure to hear more from us as we will communicate regularly through our blogs and video content on news about our projects, events, and parking milestones.

We are committed in creating the best experience for our clients and feel that the redesigned website will serve as a portal of information that will highlight why DESIGNA is at the forefront of the parking industry.

DESIGNA Australia joins the Parking Australia Convention & Exhibition (PACE) 2018

The changing spaces of parking: DESIGNA Australia at #PACE2018

In the world of parking technology one thing is certain and that is constant change. PACE 2018 opens on the impact of the Mobility Revolution, discussing the constant changes the world has witnessed. Horse driven transportation, the use of the world’s first computer, and the dramatic evolution of the mobile phone. Technology is just getting started and the new world awaits us.

DESIGNA Australia came in PACE 2018 with a different mindset. Opting to go around to network instead of being glued to the booth, we were armed with the Virtual Reality images of our equipment shown on tablets, a unique innovation that certainly showcased that DESIGNA was more than ready for the future of mobility.

Digital Transformation, which was discussed in the conference, was also a strong point of the team as we focused on key aspects of Marketing. Our front-page advertisement in the Program Book, our Pull Up Banners in the Foyer, the Control Centre Brochures, the Integrated Intelligence sponsored Water Bottles, and the star of the show – our groovy DESIGNA socks in the satchel giveaway. All these highlighted that we are flexible and ready for change, to continually challenge the status quo, and to evolve with the market.

PACE 2018 is just the beginning for DESIGNA Australia. We will continue to work together with the same goal in mind: increase our value to our customers and to the organization.

DESIGNA at Wilson Parking – Freshwater Place, Sydney

Wilson Parking requested DESIGNA to provide a credit card only solution for the mixed use facilty in Freshwater Place, Sydney which houses an IGA Shopping Centre and residents.

Products and Services DESIGNA provided:

DESIGNA at the City of Playford

This multideck car park project was the first stage of a business hub developed by the City of Playford. DESIGNA were specified by the architects and worked closely with Pike Constructions & the City of Playford.

Products and Services DESIGNA provided:

DESIGNA at St. John of God Ballarat Hospital

SJOG Ballarat had a need to upgrade the existing equipment due to age and lack of service. DESIGNA provided a replacement solution as a result of the Ballarat Base Hospital reference.

Products and Services DESIGNA provided:

DESIGNA at Chatswood Place

DESIGNA was the successful tendered for the Chatswood Place project which was a high end mixed use facility with retail, commercial, child day care & residents. DESIGNA worked closely with the developer and builder to deliver a very successful project as promised in the tender.

Products and Services DESIGNA provided:

DESIGNA at Stamford Plaza

Stamford Plaza had a need to upgrade the existing equipment due to age and lack of service. DESIGNA provided a replacement solution as a result of the Royal on the Park Hotel reference.

Products and Services DESIGNA provided:

DESIGNA at Broome Airport

This project was commissioned by the airport to control the commercial vehicles through the use of the DESIGNA parking access control system and Advam’s Ground Transport software platform.

Products and Services DESIGNA provided:


Peter Mirasgentis

Peter Mirasgentis, has twenty years’ as a highly experienced Financial Controller with commercial nous and experience across the manufacturing, engineering, consulting, arts and health/community sectors.

Michael Anscomb

Michael Anscomb has eighteen years’ experience at DESIGNA. He has held roles from technician, lead installation engineer, account manager and now as National Product Manager with a level 4 DESIGNA certification.

Ben Pascoe

Ben Pascoe has eleven years’ experience in Sales, Operations Management, and Business Strategy within the car parking industry, where he can provide expert product knowledge in the carparking industry.

Marc Elliot

Marc Elliott has fifteen years’ experience in managing car parking and ground transport services, including at two international airports and a premier tourist and entertainment facility.

Chris Hill

Chris Hill, has over twenty years combined experience across the construction and training sectors, as a Project Manager and business owner. Chris and his team have been responsible the successful delivery of all national installations for DESIGNA Australia over the last two years.

Mike Weaver

Mike Weaver, is an experienced car parking industry expert, having worked in management roles for Karidis Corporation and DESIGNA SABAR. Prior to this, Mike was a Program Manager for Accessible Cities at the City of Adelaide for fifteen years.